Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Just Sent a Transphobic Bathroom Tweet That Missed Every Point


As President Barack Obama's tenure comes to a close, pundits and politicians will begin to assess his legacy compared to other presidents.

This is not one of those thoughtful comparisons.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott greeted his Twitter followers with a message Tuesday morning about how Obama compares to John F. Kennedy. His assertion: It comes down to transgender people using bathrooms. 

Abbott's tweet references the national controversy over what bathroom a transgender person can use. North Carolina, Mississippi and his home state of Texas are at the center of the storm. 

The recent conversation about transgender people using bathrooms began with the passage of North Carolina's controversial HB2, which required people to use the bathroom that matched their gender assigned at birth and not their gender identity. 

Abbott, who misgenders trans women as men in his tweet, has not been a fan of allowing transgender people to use the bathroom they want. After news broke of Obama's historic directive regarding bathroom access for transgender people, Abbott said he would fight its implementation

While there's a lot wrong with Abbott's tweet, the worst is that, while the moon is about 239,000 miles away, an accessible restroom is even more out of reach for a transgender person. Allowing them to use the restroom they want would be one small step for trans people and one giant leap for mankind.