These Anti-Trans Bigots Have Been Trolling Target Bathrooms in the Worst Ways


Threatening people are entering Target restrooms and peeing alongside your family.

And it's not transgender people, like some conservatives may want to believe.

In the wake of North Carolina's controversial HB2, which requires people to use the bathroom that matches their gender assigned at birth and not the one that matches their gender identity, Target announced that it would allow employees and customers to use the restrooms they choose. 

While Target cleared the way for trans people to #peeinpeace, the bathroom door swung open for bigots who want to prove a point about, well, it's not exactly clear. 

Since Target's announcement, zero reports have surfaced of transgender people causing mischief in Target bathrooms. However, a couple men have posted videos of themselves not only entering a women's restroom, but harassing Target employees or customers.

On May 10, protester Joseph Martone Jr. donned a tattered blond wig and a skirt and entered a Colorado Target in protest of the store's bathroom policy, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported. 


In a clip the Gazette uploaded to YouTube, Martone bashes the policy, saying it allows "crazy guys" to "dress up to get in [the women's restroom]" so they "can get a view of a woman." Martone made pointed remarks about men who dress up to go into a women's bathroom to peep, right before he entered a women's bathroom in a wig and skirt. 

On May 8, YouTube user OperationReapSouls posted footage of himself entering an Ohio Target, going into the restroom, reading the policy and screaming to shoppers: "Happy Mother's Day! Target does not care about you or your children or they wouldn't let men in the girls' bathroom!" He then drives to another Target where he yells at workers to "Repent!" saying "God knows your internet history." 

As he leaves the second Target, a customer flips him off. He says, "Are you gonna use the men's bathroom or the girls' bathroom? Do you know? You're a walking identity crisis." 

In the third Target, when a manager approaches him, he says he is on "the safety committee for the Lord" and has to warn people against the policy. When she asks him to leave, he saunters to the front door and yells about Target's policy for two minutes. 

Another viral video posted onto YouTube on May 14 depicts a mother, Holy Bible in tow, calling Target a "dangerous place." The woman identifies herself as a mother of 12. 

"What Target has done is very hateful," she says. "It's hateful towards families. It's hateful towards mothers. It's hateful towards children. ... Are you gonna let the devil rape your children?"

All this grandstanding and disruption stands in contrast to what transgender people have been doing since Target's announcement: using the restroom, washing their hands and going about their business. And of course, the occasional selfie.