Pilot Is an Earbud That Translates People's Words as They Speak to You in Another Language


In the not so distant past, the go-to mobile translator looked something like this:


It was a clunky mini laptop you could type words or phrases into which would then spit out a translation in a somewhat phonetic, robotic voice. It was also limited to common travelers' phrases found in the dictionary. 

There's now an earbud that will stream real-time translations into your ear as you talk to someone who speaks another language. 


The device — Pilot — is a smart earpiece that syncs with an accompanying app. It nearly instantaneously translates the conversation you have with someone who's wearing their own earpiece into whichever language you put into the app, according to the project video


Upon its release, the device will support European-based languages with East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic and African languages to follow, according to Gizmag.

As the Indiegogo page says, the goal is to create a world without language barriers. 

But even if this thing does work as well as it purports to, don't write off learning a new language — multilingualism is good for your brain