Obama vs Romney Polls: President Receives Modest Post Convention Bump


His speech might have been reviewed as dull, but President Barack Obama did receive a bump -- albeit modest -- on the heels of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to a new Gallup poll -- reported by The Hill. 

According to Gallup, on Friday, a day after the convention concluded with Obama's speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for president, Obama leads Mitt Romney 48% to 45% (the poll had previously shown Obama leading Romney 47% to 46%, before both the RNC and DNC). 

The good news are well received by Democrats who were fearing Friday's job reports would put a dent on Obama's post-convention glow, amid a race which had been tightening on the days before the Republicans and Democrats' gatherings in Tampa and Charlotte -- respectively. 

However, Republican Mitt Romney won't stop pounding Obama on unemployment. The former governor of Massachusetts said that after the DNC "party," August jobs report -- during which 97,000 jobs were created and the rate ticked down to 8.1% from 8.3% -- was a "hangover."   

Gallup also found that Obama saw an increase in his approval-disapproval numbers. The Gallup daily tracking poll found Obama with 52 percent approval versus 43 percent disapproval, an increase of 3 percentage points for approval. 

The seven-day rolling average in the Gallup daily tracking poll surveys 3,050 registered voters and has a margin of error 2 percentage points.