Should the Government Fix Your Facebook Newsfeed? Here's What Americans Really Think

After it was revealed that Facebook may have censored conservative viewpoints from its trending news section, senate Republicans sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg demanding that he answer to the federal government.

But they don't even have the support of their own party.

Most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, want the government to have no role in deciding what information you see in your social media feeds, according to a broad survey from polling company Morning Consult.

Morning Consult

Conservatives, particularly in the alt-right movement, contend that modern liberals are authoritarians who want government interference in regulating and censoring online platforms. This data shows that across the political spectrum, the majority of Americans don't want the government involved with moderating online forums.

Facebook's growing influence over the news business and media landscape is creating a bubbling concern that Facebook has too much power over how we get our information — Facebook is already the primary source for political news among millennials, Pew Research found.

As major news organizations bend to serve Facebook's ever-changing algorithm, the power looks like it will remain in Facebook's hands, and no authoritarian is coming to stop them.