This Hilarious Ad Perfectly Skewers the Belief That Girls Can't Code


In an effort to call out bad stereotypes and lazy attempts to override a system that predominately rewards white men, Girls Who Code has created a video to answer the enduring question: Why aren't there more women in tech? Here's a breakdown of their conclusion:

Cleavage. For those who thought only men were distracted by breasts, think again. Ta-tas really gets in the way of everything, including coding. 

Girls Who Code/YouTube

Boobs they might not even have.

Girls Who Code/YouTube


Girls Who Code/YouTube

Mood swings and menstruation. Between changing our tampons every hour, enduring the exhausting gnaw of our throbbing abdomens, and surfing the inevitable wave of emotions that come with ovulation and menstruation, who has time to code? Fuck, who has time to have a job at all? Back to the kitchen with us all. 

Women, forever incapacitated by their bodies, can't possibly work with technology because they're constantly having emotional crises.

Girls Who Code/YouTube

While this video is all in good fun, let's please remember there are people that really believe that women are inhibited by their menses, breasts, ability to bear children and general physical stature.

"As a high school senior, I've had classmates and teachers tell me that coding is not for me, or that I'd be better off focusing on design and making something look 'pretty'. These comments, plus the stereotypes that we see every day of a coder as a nerdy guy in a hoodie, keep a lot of my friends from considering computer science as a career path," Girls Who Code alumna Margot Richaud said in a release

Women can indeed code and Girls Who Code is helping more women realize their aptitude for tech every day. By the end of the year, the organization says 40,000 girls in every U.S. state will have been through one of its programs.