New DARPA Robots Will Create 3-D Maps of Any Room Before Soldier Raids


Researchers from the U.S. government's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have figured out a way to digitally survey any room before a human has to even enter it, according to Tech Insider. This new technology could help ease the uncertainty and danger that come with entering an unknown building and help soldiers avoid booby traps.

Called the VirtualEye, soldiers would be able to throw mobile robots equipped with cameras into any space and then control the cameras with a tablet or laptop to receive a combined 3-D capturing in realtime. DARPA hopes to get the cameras out in the field in three years at most,  Trung Tran, DARPA program manager, told Tech Insider.

Patrick Baz/Getty Images

The cameras would be able to roam in tight and hard-to-reach corners, like under furniture or behind columns. DARPA teamed up with technology company Nvidia to create the tiny technology.  

"You actually walk through the room without being in it," Trung Tran, DARPA program manager, told Tech Insider. "... And from the cameras we can create a complete 3D world," Tran added.

VirtualEye is just the latest in the move to protect live soldiers with robots. Last month, the agency took strides in developing self-driving military vehicles

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