Tourists Have Been Absolutely Terrible to Yellowstone National Park Lately


First the bison incident, now this: Video evidence has surfaced that shows four young men walking on the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, the Huffington Post reported. 

The men walked off of the boardwalk from which tourists are supposed to view the "ecologically sensitive and incredibly dangerous" hot spring, which is the largest in the nation, Oregon Live reported. 

Punishment for treading on the spring has historically been variable: Tourists have paid thousands for assaulting it with drones, according to the Huffington Post. Three of the four Canadians identified — Charles Ryker Gamble, Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh and Justis Cooper Price-Brown — belong to High on Life SundayFundayz, the merry band of adventurers-slash-videographers-slash-clothing-retailers who had a little too much fun at Yellowstone. 

"We would like to apologize to our community," the group wrote on Facebook Tuesday. "We got overzealous in our enthusiasm for this wonderful place. When standing at the face of such natural wonder, we were drawn to it. In an attempt to get the perfect shot, we acted in a way that doesn't reflect our respect for the environment we were trying to capture."

While no specific punishment has been announced for these "tourist bros" as the Huffington Post reported, there's a warrant out for their arrest and they will face criminal charges. Walking on the rainbow-colored spring can cause serious bodily burns to those who amble off the boardwalk (which is there to keep visitors safe). They'll also face a potential fine for filming without a permit.

Mark Ralston/Getty Images

The transgression comes just days after Yellowstone tourists packed a bison calf into the back of their SUV because the animal looked "too cold." They delivered it to park rangers, who attempted to reintroduce the calf into its herd, which rejected the baby beast. Ultimately, it was euthanized.

Yellowstone tourists: This is why you can't have nice things.

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