This Trippy Short Video Is a Must-Watch for Everyone With Anxiety


If you experience anxiety, perhaps you manage your symptoms with therapy and medication. Perhaps you practice yoga and meditation. 

Or maybe you listen to ambient music. 


That's the case for Ryan Bassil, associate editor at Vice's music sub-site, Noisey. Bassil began having panic attacks a few years ago — one of which was so bad, he almost called an ambulance. After that incident, Bassil tried listening to ambient music.

Bassil has written about ambient music and anxiety before. But today, Noisey released a new short film on the topic. Through trippy animations of babies on clouds and bears in overalls, Bassil explains how ambient music "stopped me from feeling lost in the world."


"When you're anxious, it's important to feel grounded — to return to a place where you can experience things with all your senses," Bassil says in the video. "Ambient music helps with that, because it gives me space to think."

Watch the full video here: