Candice Swanepoel Posted a Topless Pregnancy Photo, for Some Reason

How does Victoria's Secret vixen Candice Swanepoel go about revealing the sex of her baby?

With a pair of unbuttoned Levis and a healthy dose of side-boob!

Such was the image Swanepoel's Instagram followers were treated to Tuesday, when she revealed she'd be giving birth to a male human in the near future. "My not so little boy," Swanepoel captioned the photo, adding a baby emoji and a blue heart.

Gender reveal photos are commonplace on the modern-day Pregnancy Internet, but they typically involve gender-specific props like pink balloons for girls or a big blue ribbon for boys. But who needs balloons and ribbons when you're a Victoria's Secret model? Breasts and jeans are more than enough to get the point across.

In any case, Swanepoel's son should be in for quite the emotional roller coaster in about 12 to15 years, at which point his male friends will undoubtedly request nightly sleepovers at the Swanepoel residence for very obvious reasons. 

"Dude," they'll say. "Your mom is so hot."

"Gross," he'll respond. "That's my mom!"

It will be great fun for everyone involved. Except for maybe Swanepoel, who will be left wondering why she can't just prepare the after-school pizza rolls in peace without her son's friends ogling her in the kitchen.