This Is When You'll Be Having the Best Sex of Your Life, According to Trojan — And Canada


Something to look forward to: The best sex of our collective lives, which will apparently start happening during our 40s, 50s and beyond. As Glamour reported, condom company Trojan teamed up with the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada to investigate sexual satisfaction in middle age, and found that adults ages 40 to 59 were doing it particularly well.

"I think sexuality and aging in the media often sort of get the reputation that it's all downhill from here, and that's not at all what our findings suggest," said Robin Milhausen, a sexuality and relationship researcher at the University of Guelph, and one of the people in charge of the survey. "Sexual pleasure doesn't decrease with age."


Milhausen's team questioned 2,400 people between 40 and 59 about their sex lives; 63% reported being "more sexually adventurous" than they'd been 10 years before. Some 70% of female participants rated a sexual encounter as "very pleasurable" if they'd been cuddled for at least six minutes afterward, versus 44% who'd received fewer than five minutes of after-sex attention. 

Participants who discussed turn-ons and turn-offs tended to enjoy sex more, which isn't surprising, but this might be: Some two-thirds of unattached men and nearly three-fourths of unattached women said their last sexual encounter had been unprotected. Over 50% of those men and roughly a third of those women had bedded at least two different partners within the past year. 


"It was pretty alarming that a single, midlife Canadian at age 50 is far less likely to use a condom than a similarly sexually active university student," SIECCAN executive director Alex McKay said.

While the survey was funded by Trojan and Trojan does have a dog in this race, so to speak — especially since the results indicate they have a very specific hole to fill in the contraceptive market — it would seem that sex, like beef, only improves with age, and that everyone loves a good spooning.

Or maybe that's just Canadians. 

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