This Raven Named Mischief Can Talk — And It's Equal Parts Creepy and Amazing


If you thought that the titular character in Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" uttering the word "Nevermore" over and over again was pure plot device, think again: It turns out that real-life ravens are fully capable of mimicking human speech patterns, and are sometimes just as chatty.

Tumblr is going crazy over one raven in particular named Mischief, who is wowing the internet with his throaty recitations of common English words.

In a clip uploaded to Youtube, Mischief's human trainer can be seen feeding the bird treats as he complies with her verbal commands.

"Mischief can you say hello?" she asks at one point, to which he replies "Hello," and is promptly rewarded with a treat.

The bird's mimicking abilities don't stop there: He's all but mastered an uncanny human cough, and can also chirp out a high-pitched, "Hi!"

At one point he also launches into his own pigeon impersonation without being asked, letting loose a string of soft coos that's flawlessly meta.

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