Son Who Describes Hockey Games to His Blind Dad Got to Call Plays for the St. Louis Blues


A young man who gives play-by-play descriptions of hockey games to his legally blind father was offered the chance of a lifetime when the St. Louis Blues invited him to call plays from their official radio booth.

Wyatt Nelson and his father, Gerry, who became visually impaired due to complications with diabetes in 1988, are diehard hockey fans. From their home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the pair would listen to games on the radio, bonding over their shared love of the game, according to CBS News.

But during preseason, when there aren't any games broadcast on the radio, 12-year-old Wyatt took it upon himself to give his dad descriptions of the action on the ice.

Once the St. Louis Blues got wind of the inspirational story, the franchise loaded Wyatt and Gerry onto a plane and flew them down to Missouri to catch the team's playoff game two against the San Jose Sharks.

Even better? Wyatt got to try his hand at official commentary during the first period, with current radio analyst Kelly Chase standing by his side to offer gentle guidance.

Though the Blues ultimately lost the game, they won all of the goodwill points for remembering what hockey is really about: the fans.

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