This News Anchor Clapped Back After a Male Viewer Criticized Her Jewelry


Local news has become the new frontier of misogyny. 

WTKR anchor Barbara Ciara was going about her job delivering the news to her Virginia and North Carolina viewers, when she received an email from a man criticizing her appearance, according to Essence

"All the female reporters and anchors wear little to no jewelry but B Ciara wears the biggest and worst jewelry I have ever seen, please have her play by all same rules as everyone else," the email read.

So Ciara took to Facebook, expressing her disappointment that, of all of the news events she was reporting on, the man only picked up on her jewelry.

She followed that up with a post to the WTKR website:

"Most of the time I wonder aloud, what are these people thinking when the remark is especially unkind or hateful, but we all know the answer is they are probably not thinking at all," Ciara wrote.

As of Thursday afternoon, the news anchor's post, which she closed with the hashtag #BeenAroundTooLongToBeBullied had over 1,000 likes. 

As it turns out, Ciara's necklace was from a jewelry line created by fellow news anchor Robyn Robinson. The pieces are designed to be bold and noticeable on-air. 

Ciara's story comes days after KTLA meteorologist Liberté Chan was prompted on air to put a cardigan on after sweater after viewers complained about her outfit.

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