Drinking Office Coffee (Instead of the Fancy Stuff) Could Really Change Your Life


Is your bank account a sad, empty pit at the end of every month? Blame it on your love of being served.

According to new analysis from TD Bank, millennials go out to eat more often than older generations, and they spend more on coffee, too. Researchers polled roughly 1,500 consumers to collect this data. 

Yup, your aversion to cooking at home and your addiction to java costs you around a thousand dollars each year.  


Here's the damage: 

Millennials spend around $80 per month on coffee, while older generations spend an average of $67. In other words, you could buy 133 rolls of toilet paper from Amazon for 60 cents a roll with the money you spend on cups of joe each month.  

Some better news: Millennials eat out more frequently than older folk, but when they do indulge, they're thriftier than other generations. Millennials spend $103 a month on eating out while Generation X and Baby Boomers spend $123 and $139 a month, respectively. 

This one's really going to hurt: Crunch some numbers, and turns out millennials spend close to $1,000 on coffee and around $1,236 eating out per year. In total, that's enough to score some really good seats at a Beyonce concert.