You’ve Been Saying These 7 Words Wrong Your Whole Life


English! What a nutty language we speak. Who the hell put the K in "knife?" Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? 

You might think you speak this grand olde tongue pretty well — but do you? Believe it or not, you're probably mispronouncing plenty of common words left and right.

Sometimes, you can chalk off your usage to regionalism (like data vs. DAY-ta). Other times, you're just wrong.


But don't take my word for it. Here are seven common words you've definitely heard mispronounced. (You may very well be saying them incorrectly yourself.)

1. Espresso


Say it right!

2. Jewelry

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Jewelry has two syllables — not three. It comes from the the word "jewel." Jewel + ry = Jewelry. If you're forcing out a third syllable something along the lines of "Jew-Le-Ry" or "Jew-El-Ry" — you're dead wrong. 

3. Nother

You are definitely pronouncing this word wrong because this isn't even a word, so every way to say it is wrong. So if you have "a whole nother story" to talk about, just check yourself. The word is "other" people. 

Whole other.

4. Utmost

Another repeat offender is the devilish "p" often and wrongly shimmied into the word "utmost." Always remember, the first syllable of the word meaning "to try your hardest" rhymes with "but," "tut" and "nut," among other fun similar words. 

5. For all intents and purposes


OK. This is a hard one on multiple levels. The expression meaning "for all practical measures" is often wrongly shortened to an eggcorn somewhere along the lines of "for all intensive purposes." The truth is, however, you don't have to. Breathe out and say it: For all intents and purposes.

6. Cache


A cache of documents? A Google cache page? Then you say it like cash money! 

"Cachet" is something else.

7. Liable


You're only liable for foolishness if you pronounce this word like its syllabically nefarious cousin, libel. Liable, which rhymes with viable means you're on the hook for something. Libel — rhymes with bible — is of course an actual crime.  

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