Exploding Vapes Are Becoming More Common and Causing Serious Injuries


(Warning: This article contains graphic images of injuries sustained from exploding vapes.)

Albany, New York resident Kenneth Barbero was using his vaporizer, a device that turns liquid into a smokeable vaper, just like he had many times before, when it suddenly exploded in his face, CNN reported. 

The explosion left Barbero with fewer teeth, burned hands and a gaping hole in his tongue. "[It was] like an M80 bomb went of in my mouth," he told CNN affiliate WTEN. 


Although considered rare and avoidable by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, more spontaneous vape explosions are being reported, adding to the growing concerns of e-cigarettes usage. 

The cause of the explosion isn't necessarily overheating but is likely due to the vaporizer's lithium battery, which isn't always compatible with the charger, making them susceptible to short-circuiting and catching fire, according to Wired.

A comparison would be the recent spate of exploding hoverboards, which has been linked to poor regulation on the products. 

Earlier this month, a Californian man named Joe Cavins lost his left eye after he put his vape on his desk and it subsequently exploded. 

The explosion flung debris into his eye and also set his computer on fire. "I'm grateful it wasn't worse," Cavins said, according to KNBC. 

"It felt like I'd been hit with a baseball bat," Cavins told NBC Los Angeles. 

In April, a 14-year-old named Leor Domatov also impaired his left eye when a mall kiosk's e-cig combusted. 

Domatov was handed the e-cig from a salesman when it exploded.

Kyle Petty from Atlanta received second-and-third-degree burns from his vape pen, which exploded in his pocket, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. 

He had been using his vape in his bed. By reaction, he grabbed his pocket when he felt it burst into flames, burning his hands in the process. "It was like fireworks going off," Petty said.

Katrina Williams from Richmond Hill in Queens, New York was driving back from work when her vape pen burst into flames, severely burning her jeans and leg in the process, the New York Daily News reported on April 19. 

"My right leg just feels like it's on fire," she said, having suffered third-degree burns. 


And this is just in the last two months. 

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