Kim Kardashian West Just Snapchatted Her In-Flight Pregnancy Scare


Kim Kardashian West took three pregnancy tests on an airplane last night (as one does) and broadcast the process live on Snapchat for all to see (as one does).

"I'm legit in the airplane bathroom, going to take a pregnancy test, because I'm having a little bit of a scare," Kardashian West — who conveniently had three different brands at her aerial disposal — said in the video, per a report from Us Weekly. "So, no big deal."

A few minutes later, Kardashian West returned with some shocking news: she wasn't pregnant. Sigh!

Some people are accusing Kardashian West of staging the entire thing just to get some publicity (which, frankly, sounds fairly likely, seeing as most women don't make a habit of carrying around at least three drugstore pregnancy tests on planes). 

Yet regardless of whether her Snapchat pregnancy scare was a hoax or yet another example of Kardashian gynecological over-sharing, one thing is clear: Thank goodness the results were negative, because we can't deal with hearing about Kim eating her placenta again.