Rape Culture Now Available on a T-Shirt!


Just because you can theoretically put whatever you want on a T-shirt doesn't mean you should. 

One clothing retailer presumably thought it'd be clever to sell a tank top reading, "Two Beers $7. Three Margaritas $15. Four Jello Shots $20. Taking home the girl who drank all of the above: PRICELESS." 

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Twitter user @feminist_tinder posted a photo of the shirt with some timeless advice for anyone who might endorse the message. "Pro tip for dudes: Buying drinks with the intention of lowering a woman's inhibitions is premeditated assault," she wrote. "Don't."

As the tweet gained traction, men replied saying that assault happens because of the "poor judgment of the woman" and pointed out that @feminist_tinder's outrage is why people "tell feminists to lighten up." 

But if nothing else, these comments prove why @feminist_tinder's concern over the shirt's message is nothing if not well-founded. For sexual assault to be so normalized that it's joked about on T-shirts is just another instance of rape culture, a pattern of normalized behavior that allows assault to thrive. The same allusions to nonconsensual sex and tropes of victim blaming find their way into pop music, the media and even our everyday vocabulary, with expressions like "boys will be boys."

So when will retailers learn their lesson? In the past, clothing brand Sugarpills sold a T-shirt reading "Dead Girls Can't Say No," and in March, Forever21 pulled a graphic tee with the words "Don't Say Maybe If You Want to Say No" after customers called the company out for the "rapey" message.

In the meantime, @feminist_tinder had some ideas for how to handle the situation:

Hey — the patriarchy isn't going to smash itself.