Italian Chefs Just Made a Pizza That's Over a Mile of Saucy, Cheesy Goodness


A bunch of Italian chefs recently took a page out of the American fast food chain handbook and supersized the crap out of one of the country's most prized foods — pizza. 

A brain trust of 100 chefs gathered Wednesday in Naples, Italy, and spent their time making a pizza that is 6082.2 feet or 1.15 miles long, according to Guinness World Records. 

Thankfully, it is officially confirmed as the longest pizza ever made or — boy, would that have been a waste of the 4,409 pounds of flour, 3,527 pounds of tomatoes, 4,409 pounds of cheese and 53 gallons of olive oil they used to make the edible landing strip.

Mario Laporta/Getty Images

The pizza, which is nearly 848 feet longer than the previous record holding pizza, took 11 hours to prepare. In order to bake the cheesy monstrosity, the chefs had to use "specially made portable wood fire ovens," according to Guinness. So, yeah, it might be a little tough to replicate at home. 

Alas, no one took advantage of the opportunity to set the world record for most pizza eaten in one sitting at the event. Slices of the cooked pizza were given to drooling onlookers, and any leftovers were donated to charities that helped redistribute the pizza to people in need. Now that's amore.