Ron Paul May Endorse Gary Johnson for President


Ron Paul has had a good 2012 presidential run. 

After successfully changing the country's conversation regarding military spending and the deficit, the Texas congressman stood by his libertarian principles during a Republican National Convention in which he refused to "fully endorse" Mitt Romney.

And, recently, Paul appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno where the congressman pretty much confirmed everything he's said during the last couple of weeks regarding his unshakeable commitment to liberty.

Paul has continued to champion liberty, as his son Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who did speak at the RNC in Tampa, is rumored to be laying the ground for his own 2016 presidential run. Paul told Bloomberg News he remains "skeptical" of Mitt Romney after hearing the former governor of Massachusetts' nomination speech. "There was no talk of the Federal Reserve. One of the engines of spending is militarism and empire and he enhanced. He was pushing it,” Paul said. 

Conversely, he offered praise for the Libertarian Party nominee for president Gary Johnson. “I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind,” Paul told Fox News about the former New Mexico governor and former fellow Republican presidential candidate -- whose situation is uncertain as the GOP moves to block third party candidates from some states' ballots this November. 

So is an endorsement on behalf of Gary Johnson what Paul was referring to when he told Leno he'll continue "plugging along" during the 2012 election? It remains to be seen. However, it would be of great help to Johnson who -- unless he improves in the polls -- will be shut out of the upcoming general election debates.