Rose Byrne Had Her Breast Milk Confiscated by the TSA for Some Goddamn Reason


The Transportation Security Administration takes your safety as an airline passenger very seriously. This is why knives, guns and snakes are all forbidden carry-on items. Another thing you apparently can't bring: more than 3.4 ounces of the breast milk of Australian Neighbors 2 actress Rose Byrne.

Phew! Don't you feel safer now?

Byrne — who had a baby with her very hot husband Bobby Cannavale earlier this year — discussed the trials and tribulations of flying with breast milk on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night.

"I've been doing a lot of traveling," she said. "So I've been taking my, um, breast milk everywhere with me."

Everywhere but on actual flights, that is. Colbert quickly pulled out a photo of Byrne being detained at an airport earlier this year because her sippy cup of freshly pumped breast milk had exceeded the 3.4 ounce carry-on limit for liquids.

Here's what Byrne had to say about the experience:

They wave this weird thing over the top of [the sippy cup], and there's a whole production going on. They take it very seriously that it could be something... I just stand there and smile and tell them that it's really breast milk, and that it's nothing.

Of course, it's not actually "nothing." It's breast milk! And it is a clear threat to passenger safety. But it's not the first time a mom has publicly griped about being forced by the TSA to ditch her breast milk. Last month, mom Jessica Coakley Martinez wrote a viral Facebook post complaining of a similar experience after she was forced to dump nearly four gallons of breast milk at Heathrow Airport.

"You made me dump nearly 500oz of breastmilk in the trash," she wrote at the time. "You made me dump out nearly two weeks worth of food for my son."

Here's something for the TSA to consider: What about the breast milk that's not in a sippy cup? What about the breast milk that lurks, you know, in actual breasts? They should really do something about that. 

Oh, wait. They already are.