Heartbreaking Poem Will Strike Anyone With Student Loans to the Core


Slam poet Brian Yu, like all of us, hates student loans.

A couple of reasons why Yu hates student loans, as quoted from his striking poem, "Reasons Why I Hate Student Loans":

1. "They suck."

2. They burden a whole family. 

"When it came time for college, it took my mother and her extended relatives everything they had just to make the down payment."

... And Yu's three-minute poetry performance just digs deeper from that point on. 

His words struck a cord with thousands of viewers.

"This really hit me hard," YouTube user T King wrote on the video. "I have exactly six days to secure my spot at a college I don't even know how I'm going to pay for."

Here are 6 resonant moments from Yu's poem:


Watch his full performance below: