iPhone 5 Release Date: After Crushing Samsung, Apple Takes on Spotify and Pandora


The big announcement of the iPhone 5 release date is expected at Apple's event being held on Thursday, September 12th -- according to Examiner. However, most experts in the matter believe that the day when finally early adopters will be able to put their hands on the much-anticipated device is September 21.   

According to ITWorld.com, the latest iPhone 5 rumors revolve around the device's supposedly bigger size and 4G LTE technology. However, the big question is will iPhone 5 have a better battery life?

Meanwhile, SFGate reported that Apple it's considering to introduce an online music streaming service based on its users' tastes. This would put the company in a position to compete with Spotify and Pandora -- two of the most popular online and mobile music streaming services. 

Apparently, the Cupertino, California, company has held talks with record companies about acquiring the necessary music rights to advance their music streaming service idea. However, the service won't be part of Apple's expected new iPhone introduction next week.

Apple is already the dominant company in music, with its iTunes media store having more than 400 million accounts. And now, with the new music streaming venture, the company will try to revamp its online music community efforts after a failed attempt of connecting its millions of users through iTunes "Ping."