Romney vs Obama Polls: Romney Launches New Ad in Spanish Hoping to Close Massive Gap Among Latinos


Saying that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's task of closing the gap with President Obama among Latino voters is an uphill battle would be an understatement, as the former governor of Massachusetts trails the president among this key demographic by something between 30 and 40 percentage points.

And today, trying to undo the damage caused by a Republican primary during which the GOP espoused a hard line against immigration, including Romney's infamous "self deportation" comment, Romney for President launched a new television ad in Spanish titled, “Ya No Más” (not anymore).

The ad tries to capitalize on Florida Senator Marco Rubio's line during his RNC 2012 speech that "The problem is not that Obama is a bad person, but a bad president," a fact underlined by the almost insurmountable lead the president holds not only among Latinos but also among almost all voting blocs when it comes to likeability." 

Watch the ad, and read the English translation below: 


CROWD: “Obama, Obama, Obama!”

GUSTAVO PINTO: “I voted for Obama four years ago. I believed in what he said.”

SANDRA MORA: “He tells us a lot of nice things, then forgets about us.”

LILLY LOPEZ: “Obama has no idea what we are going through.”

ROBERTO SERNA: “He looks like a nice guy, but that doesn’t get us jobs.”

ALINE FERNANDEZ: “Promises and promises and nothing.”

DAN VARGAS: “Are things better off for you?  Not for me.”

OLGA RODRIGUEZ: “I will not give Mr. Obama four more years.”

MITT ROMNEY: “I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”