A Resourceful Distillery Is Turning Fog Into Vodka


Fog is typically bad news: It means low visibility and bad hair days. But one California distillery is changing fog's negative connotation by making vodka out of it. Alameda-based Hangar 1 will soon launch a new vodka made from fog, Vogue reported. It's aptly named, Fog Point Vodka. 

The vodka (or fog-dka, if you will) is distilled from a local wine and mixed with water collected from fog. While it might sound like modern day alchemy, Hangar 1 actually works with a company called FogQuest, which makes fog catchers to collect the water. 

FogQuest's products don't require any electricity: They utilize large plastic mesh sheets to collect water droplets "out of the air," Vogue noted.The water collected from the fog can be used for drinking, cooking, washing and well, artisanal vodka making. 

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This is great news for water-strapped California. The state's years-long drought crisis has made water conservation a top priority. Innovations like this fog vodka are one silver lining to the environmental disaster, especially considering that the state will likely continue to suffer from "chronic" water scarcity

Other booze manufacturers in the state have found novice ways to source water: Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., for example,  makes beer from recycled wastewater from NASA. The wastewater beer is not available for purchase yet, but soon enough drinks might be made from water once used in rocket launches and space simulations. Far out.

If you prefer the sound of fog-dka to wastewater beer, you can purchase Fog Point Vodka through pre-order for a cool $125 per bottle. Ah, if only money could be made from fog, too.