Put Slices of Sweet Potato Into Your Toaster and Witness Something Truly Magical


Not going to fluff this up, just going to come right out with it. You can put sweet potato slices in the toaster. The pieces will become golden brown and toasty, and once that happens you can top them with a melange of delicious accouterments, including but not limited to nut butters, avocado and various proteins.


Little Bit Of

That's a sight that's almost too grand for words.

Kelsey Preciado, the blogger behind Little Bits Of, is the brain behind those masterpieces. Kind of want to kiss her, no?

Here's how to make sweet potato toast: 

According to Preciado, the potato should be sliced into 1/4 inch thick pieces, and may need to be toasted more than once to thoroughly cook.

Little Bit Of

Once the spud is nice and toasted, the world is yours. 

Preciado dressed the magical potato toast three ways: The first has almond butter, banana slices and cinnamon, the second avocado, salt, pepper and some lemon zest and the third a tuna salad with a few slices of red onion.

Sweet, savory, or in between, the options are as robust as your love for this toast. Consider goat cheese, consider a little apple, peanut butter and raisin business, consider whatever leftovers you have in the fridge. 

If anything at all, consider yourself lucky because someone realized sweet potatoes can be put in the toaster. 

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