Thanks to Kylie Jenner, All Your Friends Will Think They're Goth Within a Month


Kylie Jenner, America's fearless leader of social media who's currently sitting on a throne of liquid-to-matte lip glosses somewhere in Calabasas, has an announcement to make: she's bringing goth back. Well, kinda. 

Her latest lip kit color, which will surely sell out before you can say "Why do you keep on adopting so many dogs?" is metallic black

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So, kids, it's time to swipe the dust off of that Good Charlotte CD, squeeze into that one Slayer T-shirt you ironically own and maybe make a pit stop at Hot Topic for a few spiked bracelets because come this time in a month or so, the middle school goth look will be back. 

Over on Snapchat (natch) on Tuesday, Jenner showed off the latest installment in her Kylie Cosmetics empire, a metallic black matte gloss called "Majesty," that she "just couldn't wait to share." And, actually, it looks pretty interesting, with the ability to go from more of a metallic blue to a metallic black.

Since many of her other lip gloss shades are just various shades of beige, this one's a welcome surprise. 

Here, of course, is a selfie of Jenner with this new lip kit. 

She looks ready to head into a Marilyn Manson concert, doesn't she? Especially with all of her frenemies attempting to go goth themselves, or even releasing their own black lipstick, consider this Jenner winning that fake competition for which celebrity can truly be #SummerGoth to the fullest. 

But anyway, yes, this is a cool lip color. 


Although Jenner has revealed she's restocking some of her lip kits on her website on Thursday, this gloss doesn't yet have a release date — Jenner has taunted merely that it's "coming soon." 

So, with these few precious moments before Jenner's black lipstick is unleashed upon the world, here are all the situations in which black lipstick would be acceptable:

1. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah (You want your cousins to think you're cool, don't you?) 

2. The mall, so you can reach your full mall goth potential

3. Work, but only if you work in a goth-friendly environment 

4. While breaking up with a significant other because... why not?

5. Literally anywhere. 

Glad that's settled.