Rainbow Sushi Is an All-Natural, Technicolor Dream Dish


Over the past few months, everything from bagels to grilled cheese to pizza has received the multicolored treatment. While the outcome tends to look like Play-Doh gone wrong or crayons that sold their soul to the trendy food gods, there's actually rainbow food worth getting behind: Rainbow sushi is legitimately pretty. Just look at it:

Rainbow sushi gets extra points because it doesn't require consuming weird "radioactive preservatives" used to achieve the bright colors, as Uproxx wrote. 

Instead, the recipe utilizes natural dyes from plants. To make the so-called "rainbow unicorn sushi," blogger the Indigo Kitchen dyed the rice with foods like spirulina powder (to make green), beet powder (for red), purple cabbage (for purple) and turmeric (for yellow). The result is a delicacy that is easy on the eyes.

While the rainbow sushi is gorgeous on its own, the meal is probably best finished off with a bowl of black ice cream to restore balance to the soul and help it prepare for battle, because who knows what the future might bring? Someone could figure out to how make rainbow enchiladas and hot dogs tomorrow.