Watch This "Liberal Redneck" Tear Down Anti-Trans Bathroom Hysteria


This is Trae Crowder, a comedian who also runs a YouTube series as the "Liberal Redneck," and he's got something to say to everyone who believes trans inclusive bathrooms somehow violates their beliefs: "Belief don't matter none."

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In a video uploaded to YouTube last week, Crowder calls out people protesting trans inclusive bathroom policies — like the mom who recently marched through Target with a Bible, decrying their welcoming bathroom policy.


"Look, we all know that you believe these things," Crowder says in the video. "But believing something super hard don't make it any less wrong."


"Oh honey, bless your heart, nobody's trying to take your rights," Crowder says. "We're just trying to keep you from doing that to other people"

"Telling other people how to live is actually not a right you have."

Watch the whole epic rant here:

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