Teen Flipping Water Bottle for High School Talent Show Quenches Thirst for Viral Gold


Some are born great... 

Some achieve greatness... 

And some have greatness thrust — or flipped — upon them.

Such is the case for Mike Senatore, a "self-described average" teen from North Carolina, whose talent for flipping a partially filled water bottle is simple, astonishing — and taking the internet by storm.

Here's video of Senatore flipping the bottle again, this time taken from an entirely different vantage point in the high school auditorium, in case you missed it the first time. 

It is poetry in motion.

Wesley Manning, a classmate of Senatore's at Ardrey Kell High School, initially uploaded the video of his friend's senior talent show performance to Twitter on Tuesday. 

Three hours later, Senatore knew his bottle-flipping feat was on pace to reach the annals of internet history.

"The minute I walked offstage and was no longer visible to anybody in the audience, I threw my fist in the air," Senatore told Select All, New York Magazine's internet culture vertical. "I high-fived the first person I saw. I knew I'd nailed it, but when I watched the video after I was like 'I didn't realize it looked that good!'"

At time of writing, the original video has garnered over 40,000 retweets. 

On behalf of all of us who are thirsty for incredible triumphs of humanity: Thank you, Mike Senatore, for flipping your water bottle over the table and into our hearts.