Drake's Father Dennis Graham Actually Loves 'Views,' So Stop Asking


Dennis Graham wants to set the record straight: He does in fact love Drake's Views, and was one of the first people to hear his son's new album, according to a post on his Instagram. Graham had apparently been receiving flack after Drake had told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that his dad, who was in China when the album dropped, probably didn't hear it yet.

Addressing "all the people asking constantly" if he's listened to Views, Graham said that he "bought Views the day after it dropped, from China." He added, "Thanks for all the concerns."

When talking to Fallon, Drake quoted his father as having said something along the lines of "Drake, man, I'm going to be honest, my service is not too good out here, man."  

But even if Graham took his sweet time before listening to Views, Drake can still feel good about himself for knocking fellow Canadian music artist Justin Bieber out of Spotify's most streamed artist of all time position.