These #BlackSalonProblems Keep It All the Way Real About the Black Hair Experience

#BlackSalonProblems is trending on Twitter and bringing to life all the most hilarious — and often, most traumatic — experiences at black beauty shops. 

From the long appointments to the hot-as-hell hair dryers to the strategic ways black women sleep to keep that 'do looking good, take a trip to the hair salon via these epic tweets.

The appointment is all set for first thing in the morning, the best timing to — hopefully — ensure a speedy experience...

... And then you're waiting forever.

When you trying to kill time by reading an article on President Obama's inauguration:

When that chemical relaxer starts burning:

When you said, "just trim my ends":

TFW you are in hell:

When you're almost done, but no — not really:

Stylist: What if I tried this hairstyle?

When the final look is revealed:

And you go home and cry about it:

Or when the stylist slays your hair and it needs to look fly tomorrow:

But then the next morning:

And then, wash, rinse and repeat a couple weeks later.