This Incredibly Fit, Hot Instagram Couple Will Make You Feel Just Awful About Yourself

If you're in the mood to feel inadequate, worthless and morbidly obese, consider checking out this viral Instagram clip of Victoria's Secret angel Jasmine Tookes and her boyfriend Tobias Sorensen (also a model) engaging in a couples' workout that involves him bench pressing her.


Is Jasmine Tookes extremely light? Or is Tobias Sorensen just exceptionally strong?

Obviously both.

Did I skip the gym this morning? Did I eat an entire two-serving bag of Deep River potato chips five minutes ago?

Also obviously both.


If you were under the impression that this Instagram post is just a social media stunt, let it be known that the extremely in-shape couple also appeared in a grueling couples' workout video for Vogue a few months ago, in which they "sprint, swim and climb their way through a series of physical challenges."

Enjoy the full clip below — and then maybe enjoy a slice of cake, because why even bother pretending anymore?