Plus-Size Model Recreates High-Fashion Gown with Bags of Shrimp Chips, 100% Slays


Sometimes dresses that qualify as "high fashion" are a little fishy. 

Thai plus-size model Sine Benjaphorn smelled what one designer was cooking and brilliantly replicated a high-end look by sewing together bags of prawn crackers, which are deep-fried, prawn-flavored crisps. The result? Stunning:


Benjaphorn modeled the look after a gown British-Thai actress "Chompoo" Araya Hargate wore to a L'Oreal event at the Cannes Film Festival, Yahoo reported. The copy is pretty spot-on:


"When I saw Chompoo's dress, I immediately thought of my mum's crackers," the plus-size model and clothing store owner said. "My mum has a street food stall selling snacks like this and it reminded me of them." 

Benjaphorn posted the side-by-side on her Facebook page, where she often shares humorous recreations of "upscale" looks. It took less than 24 hours for the image to go viral, according to Yahoo, racking upwards of 3,000 likes in less than 24 hours. 

"It's fun for me," Benjaphorn said. "I'm never going to be a Hollywood celebrity so the nearest thing I can do is imitate them."

A dress with snacks at the ready? Seems high fashion could learn a thing or two from Benjaphorn's school of thought.