Carly Rae Jepsen, A$ap Rocky, and the Top Fall Album Releases 2012

ByJack Emery

The beginning of Fall means more days spent inside, and what better way to battle the boredom than new music. And, lucky for you there’s a plethora of new albums on the way from some of the biggest artists around, and a few from bands you may have thought were gone for good. So get out your pencil and ready your ears, because these are the albums you could be holing up with to wait out the winter. 

1) The Killers – Battle Born

If you’re a rocker that likes to strum out a chord or two, or you know any, the fourth studio album of the indie rock gods, The Killers, will be welcomed with outstretched arms. Frontman Brandon Flowers spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe about Battle Born, saying that it will be a departure in style from previous albums, while still having that recognizable Killers style. For a taste of what’s to come on Battle Born, check out their lead single Runaways. Look out for it September 17. 

2) G.O.O.D Music – Cruel Summer 


The first G.O.O.D Music label album is about to hit the stores, and probably every radio in your area. The track list is great for Kanye fans, with the label owner featuring on most tracks. You can also look forward to a solo track by Kid Cudi, and of course, a whole host of compilations including Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Ghostface Killah. You can your hands on Cruel Summer from the 18th of September.

3) Carly Rae Jepson – Kiss

Ok, so Carly Rae Jepson might not be for everyone, but with Call Me Maybe at just under 250 million views, there’s more than a few people hanging out for Kiss. If you’re one of them, look forward to 16 catchy tracks that include a duet with Justin Bieber (gasp!).

Kiss will be stuck in your mind from September 18th onwards. 

4) No Doubt – Push and Shove

No Doubt fans can pull out any posters they’ve had hidden away with the news that Push And Shove will be out in September. 11 years since their last album, there’s sure to be some stylistic differences. This is telling in Settle Down, an early release track with reggae elements. You can also look forward to tracks produced by Diplo and Switch.

Get your copy of Push and Shove on the 25th of September.

5) Green Day – Uno! 

Look forward to Greenday with a difference in Uno! Dos! Tre!, their first albums since 2009. In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said the band will be moving away from the big room sound of their previous albums for a more rock & roll approach.

If this is good news for you, you’ll love the fact that this album is a trilogy – with the first instalment Uno! out on the 25th of September.

6) Muse – The 2nd Law

Muse is coming back with an eclectic album including everything from electro-pop sounds to classic rock. This is what Matt Bellamy, the frontman of the band, stated in a Rolling Stone interview. This interesting cocktail of sounds also contains the epic Olympic theme song, “Survival.” 

Look out for The 2nd Law from the 28th of September.

7) No Regular Play – Endangered Species

This duo had a string of popular electronic releases a couple of years ago, and are looking to do it again with a full length album. Their debut album, titled Endangered Species will be out on Wolf + Lamb. If the label is anything to go by, this could be a cracking release, with fellow producers including Nicolas Jaar and Soul Clap. 

You can take this deep house album for a test run on the Wolf + Lamb website. If you’re feeling it, get the full release from 23rd of November.

8) The xx – Coexist

The hotly anticipated follow up to 2009’s xx is nearly here, in Coexist. This is an album that’s not trying to make friends, with a less catchy and more haunting sound. But, for those who loved their last album, it’s a seductive ride that is sure to please the ears. If you’re unsure, or just want to check it out you can stream the whole album here.

The full release is out September 11th.

9) A$AP Rocky – LongLiveA$AP

This one is set to be a big one for the self ordained Pretty Flocka. The date was pushed out to October, but hopefully it should be worth the wait with A$AP’s iconic beats brought by Hit-Boy, Soufein3000, Joey Fat, Clams Casino and even Rocky himself. If you do love the tracks sitting under his raps, pick up Clams’ instrumental albums – definitely worth the free download.

You can get your hands on the man from Harlem’s album from Halloween. 

10) Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid In A m.A.A.d City


The first studio album for Lamar is definitely something to look forward to. The man has risen alongside many of the recent blog rappers to be picked up and have his first release on Top Dawg Entertainment in partnership with Dre’s Aftermath. Such big names give much to look forward to, so if you like his most recent taste from the album Swimming Pools, definitely check it out. 

Good Kid will be out October 2.

11) The Presets – Pacifica

If you don’t know the Presets you definitely should. If their previous album was anything to go by, these Modular boys will be rocking everywhere in their synth/indie rock style. In their words, it’s going to “boldly venture into new, uncharted territory,” but what that is, no one can really guess.

Those with a little extra excitement can pre-order a limited edition version otherwise, it should be out September 14th. 

12) Evian Christ – Any Release

Evian Christ has now been out for awhile, but is another one to keep an eye on. It’s dubstep laced with the more underground, blog style raps. His previous release Kings And Them can be picked up from his labels website, Triangle Records, for free. 

13) Glass Candy – Body Work

Look forward to synths, disco and dreamy vocals if Body Work makes it way to the light of day this year. There’s no set date as of yet, but this is definitely one that has those in the know with their ear to the ground. If you’ve never heard of them, you may know their Italians Do It Better buddies, The Chromatics (who share band member Jewel). 

No date released as of yet.

14) Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes 

Flying Lotus is a man that is hard to pin down into one style, and the new album, Until the Quiet Comes, is sure to cross a few genres. Except the regular jazzy and bass driven beats, with hints of psychedelic rock. There will also be some more club driven tracks for those that want to party hard and dance all night long. 

Look out for his Fall tour dates. Until The Quiet Comes drops October 2nd.

15) Vitalic – Rave Age

Lovers of fluro and electro-rave music should definitely be looking out for Vitalic’s third album offering, Rave Age. Expect their trademark in your face electro of stabbing synths and heavy beats. They released No More Sleep, one of the tracks from the album early in the year, which you can listen to here. 

Rave Age will be out on Different Records on October 22nd. 

16) Deadmau5 - > album title goes here <

No, it’s not a mistake, that really is the title of Deadmau5’s sixth studio album. On it there’s a wide range of collaborations, from Wolfgang Gartner to Imogen Heap, Chris James and Cypress Hill. You’ll can also hear Gerard Way from from My Chemical Romance on the early release track – Professional Griefers.

Look out the man with the mouse head’s new album from September 25.

17) Azealia Banks – Broke With Expensive Taste 

Since Azaelia burst onto the scene there’s been many looking forward to her debut album, and it’s nearly here. There’s not too much about the new album around, but it did get pushed from its September release date.

Unfortunately it may be a little longer wait than expected. Think February at best if there isn’t more delays.

18) Matthew Dear – Beams

Beams is technically out already, but it’s one that should be in your arsenal to get you through Fall. Dear is one of the very rare cases that can cross genres effortlessly, and has done so under previous monikers. On Beams, Dear’s fourth studio album, you can expect some harrowing vocals and rock focused grooves.

Beams is already out and can be picked up from the ever popular Ghostly Internationals online store.

19) XXYYXX – Any Release

 XXYYXX is releasing a whole slew of great releases at the moment. While the 16 year old isn’t dropping any new albums (that I know of) his backlog on Bandcamp is excellent (and can bought for what you think it’s worth). Think J Dilla with mixes of James Blake.

Check out his Soundcloud with a new tracks being released fairly often.

20) Daft Punk – No End

The French innovators should be back soon with a new album. If it’s with a giant illuminated triangle or not, it’s hard to tell. A picture of what is rumoured to be the album artwork was tweeted by one of the robots with the caption “yup.”

If this is one you’ve been hanging out for, you may be waiting awhile – with the date on the album cover set for March 13, 2013.