Kim Kardashian and North West Just Posted This A-F*cking-Dorable Snapchat Series

Its a new Snapchapter in the life of Kim Kardashian West: Daughter North West has overcome her phobia of the social media platform, as evidenced by a series of snaps Kardashian West posted to her account Thursday.

In March, North, just shy of 3 years old, declared she was "scared of Snapchap," in a video posted by her reality star mother. Thursday evening, little Nori made an about-face — and that face was behind a series of adorable filters.

The duo took a break from animal faces to do an, erm, questionable face swap; "I'm you! I'm you!" she giggled to her mom.  

Note to Nori: Cool it on the contouring for now. Let's talk when you're 3.