This Teen Turned the Tables on an Offensive Promposal — And Twitter Is Naturally Outraged


Naturally, this isn't sitting well with the Twitterati.

On Friday, Twitter user @ARCTICALNAGAR — Sara — posted a satirical spin on a promposal that played to a handful of Muslim stereotypes. Donning a burqa, a teen apparently named Austin popped the prom question to one Kiana with a hand-made sign that read, "I know I always wait until the last second but prom would be the bomb with you," a bundle of faux dynamite taped to the sign and the drawing of an explosive in place of the word. 

Retweeting a photo of the overture with the caption, "two can play at that game :)" Sara swapped out Austin's stereotypes for one that could be applied to white male students: school shooter.

"I know that this is a 'mental' question, but can you shoot your way to the school prom with me?" she wrote, above a drawing of a gun.

Predictably, it struck a nerve on the internet, some people accusing Sara of "reverse racism." 

Others didn't seem to get it.

Still others said "hate breeds hate," inferring that Sara hates white people.

The goal, however, was not to espouse hate nor to "fix" anything, merely to point out that the promposal to which she responded was an example of the discrimination she feels every day, discrimination that offends her, discrimination white people are rarely made to feel. It's a double standard and it doesn't feel good, as those who trolled her on Twitter could now attest. 

While they may have missed that point, however, a number of Twitter users messaged Sara to congratulate her for turning the tables.