#HowToMakeAManGay Exposes the Disgusting Ties Between Homophobia and Misogyny


Twitter exploded with misogyny and homophobia Monday when the hashtag #HowToMakeAManGay began trending.

Not long after the hashtag began to trend, a pattern emerged among the tweets: Many of them blamed or scapegoated women in some way for making men gay. 

While some tweets focused on women's behaviors, others focused on women's bodies — specifically their hygiene. 

Others thought it would be funny to make fun of female public figures like Hillary Clinton and Glenn Close.

Twitter users eventually subverted the hashtag's original intent by reminding those using it that, you know, making someone gay is not a thing

Eventually, people had some fun with it. 

The hashtag shows that homophobia is just misogyny with a gay-hating hat on. Misogynists degrade women and everything feminine, which is the basis of homophobia, as well. Aside from the assumption that men can be turned gay, Twitter users who participated in the hashtag in earnest blamed women for creating gay men every chance they had

Besides, only one thing can truly turn a man gay. His name is Oscar Isaac.