Carly Rae Jepsen’s Instagram Comments Are the Best Place on the Internet


The adage "don't read the comments" is generally a useful one for avoiding trolls, hate speech and negativity. 

However, it just doesn't apply to Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen's Instagram.

Against all common sense, the comments on Jepsen's Instagram posts are the most delightful place on the internet. Why, one might ask?


Because in her Instagram comments, Jepsen is queen of everything.


As noted on BuzzFeed, Jepsen's fans comment on each and every one of her photos on Instagram by calling her "queen of" something, usually related to the photo in question. 

Take for example, this picture of Jepsen standing on a rig at an airport. She captioned the shot, "Mad Max at the airport!", referring to the film series.


In the comments, her fans called out the film reference, "Queen of movies that won too many Oscars." Her location, "Queen of being at the airport." And even her simple action, "Queen of standing."

Considering the disappointing chart performance of her most recent album Emotion, seeing Jepsen's dedicated Instagram fandom is a breath of fresh air. Those numbers don't matter to her fans. To them, from the mundane, to the magnificent, Jepsen is the queen of everything.

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