Stunning Trailer Shows Why We Need LGBT Superheroes Now


One director is hoping DC and Marvel studios will stick to the script when it comes to portraying LGBT characters in films — instead of changing their sexualities for the silver screen — with a stunning trailer showing off a gay couple with superpowers. 

Mike Buonaiuto told Mashable he would be sending the YouTube trailer to both superhero-film studios along with its analytics to show the scope of viewers' interest in seeing LGBT superheroes on the big screen. 

Meanwhile, the comic-aficionado noted he was always a big fan of heroes with diverse sexualities, though he was never aware they were LGBT since each of them were made heterosexual in movies. 


"Growing up I used to love characters like Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman, but never realized they were originally written as LGBT in the comic books and therefore affectively stripped of their sexuality when they hit the big screen," Buonaiuto told Mashable

"It's such a shame because when I was 'coming out' as, having positive icons and role models of LGBT people in mass media would have be a huge confidence boost to myself and millions of others who look up to characters such as superheroes," he continued.


He isn't the only one hoping DC and Marvel studios heed the call for more diversity. As Mic previously reported, artist Markus Prime has been recreating popular superheroes as powerful black women in an effort to give young black girls their own Harry Potters.  

Check out the trailer below: