George Takei's Facebook Takedown of Donald Trump Is the Only One You Need to Read


George Takei's latest Facebook post sets presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump firmly in its crosshairs. The post is going viral for being a virtually spot-on analogy of the former realty star's candidacy. 

Takei likens Trump's run for the presidency to a rookie football coach stepping up to replace a retiring veteran coach (in this case, Barack Obama), but demurring every time he's asked why he's qualified for the job.

Though The Donald is never mentioned by name, the language the so-called rookie "coach" uses will sound very familiar to anyone who's been following the coverage of the 2016 election.

"We're going to win," the theoretical coach says to the "football team," aka the American people. "We're going to win and win, because we're champs."

When skeptical "players" question his winning record and experience, the new coach gets defensive and responds with crude insults to bolster his confidence.

"Who the heck are you?," the coach asks. "Do you even play football? What is it, Juan Carlos? You look like you play soccer, if you know what I mean," he says, to the laughter of some and the discomfort of others.

As of this writing, the post has over 47,000 likes and more than 19,000 shares, standard fare for Takei's viral social media offerings

It's unclear whether or not Takei penned the post himself, but the story compelled fans of his page to write their own hilarious offerings in the comments.

One Facebook user suggested that a former baseball coach offering to coach football was too generous a comparison to Trump's leveraging of his business acumen to prove himself qualified for the presidency.

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"Except the 'coach' didn't coach baseball in the past. He owned a bunch of bakeries or some other nonsense equally unrelated to coaching football," the user wrote.

"And actually baked their cookies overseas," another added, in an apparent reference to Trump outsourcing the production for some of his branded products to China and Mexico.

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