Squeezing Your Friends Into a Selfie Is a Good Way to Spread Lice

Looking for an easy way to invite bloodsucking head lice onto your scalp? Take an intimate selfie with an infested friend!

Hopefully Selena checked for lice after this selfie.Dan Steinberg/AP

"Kids are putting their heads together and taking pictures like that and touching heads and that's all it takes to spread lice," Michele Barrack, of Lice Lifters Treatment Center, told News 6

The most common way to lure the freeloaders onto your noggin is through head-to-head contact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's because they need to feed off their human host to survive — adult head lice only last a day or so without noggin access, while young lice perish after just a few hours without feeding. 

While contact with the helmet, headphones, wig, hair piece, comb, brush etc. of an infested person can spread lice, that type of transmission is very uncommon, according to the CDC. 


So if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms: a tickling feeling in your hair, itchy scalp or sores on your head from scratching too much, back away from the selfie.