Here's Each State's Favorite Reality TV Series — And What It Says About You


Watching reality television is a guilty pleasure shared universally across the United States. 

And where someone lives may indicate which reality show they like best. 

Data compiled from Google Trends by CableTV revealed the top reality television shows per state, and there's some commonalities across specific regions of the country. 


Duck Dynasty, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a huge hit in the South; the Midwest is fond of The Bachelor; the West Coast wants to keep up with its Kardashians; and you can find fans of Hoarders practically anywhere. 

Interestingly, Democrat-heavy regions, including Maryland and Washington, D.C., were also quite attuned to Donald Trump's reality series, The Apprentice

Additionally, CableTV unearthed specific revelations about the reality TV-viewing audience. People who are well-educated prefer Project Runway, while those without degrees leaned more toward the aforementioned Duck Dynasty. Republicans were more keen on Sister Wives, and Democrats were also addicted to the fashion-fueled drama of Project Runway

That said, it's all reality television — frequently regarded as an unhealthy form of entertainment consumption — so there's no real winner here. 

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