This Woman Shared Her Own Heartbreaking Rape Story to Get a Powerful Point Across

Comedian and activist Franchesca Ramsey opened up about being a victim of rape.

In an emotional YouTube video, she explained how common it is for slut-shaming to evolve into victim blaming — and why that needs to stop. 

This is her story:

Her rapist took her virginity when she was 18. 

The saddest part? She blamed herself.

Her friend told her co-workers — even her manager. 

So she was too ashamed to seek justice.

She wants her story to inspire people to stop slut-shaming — and to encourage victims to speak up.

Because anyone can be a victim. 

And under no circumstance is it ever their fault. 

If people assured sexual assault victims of that message, maybe more of them would get the justice and support they deserve.

Watch the full video: