A Woman Breastfed In a Restaurant — And What Happened Next Will Warm Your Lil' Heart


When it comes to viral breastfeeding stories, you never know exactly what you're going to get.

Oftentimes there is shaming and stigma involved. Other times, there is wildlife on the scene. This time, there is a lovely little plot twist involving the kindness of a thoughtful stranger.

As reported over at Cosmopolitan, it all started when New Zealand woman Briar Lusia Mcqueen had to feed her crying 8-month-old son Jaxon while having breakfast at a restaurant. As she nursed, a nearby elderly woman approached her. But the reason why may surprise you.

Here's what Mcqueen wrote in her Facebook post about the chance encounter:

I was scared, thinking she was gonna tell me to put my boob away, instead she starts cutting up my breakfast for me and said "what a good mama you are, we can't have your food getting cold can we." I honestly could have cried ... loveliest lady EVER!!

Mcqueen did not elaborate as to what happened next. Did the elderly woman feed her the sunny side up eggs directly, or just engage in some good-natured pre-slicing? Did she cut directly into the yolk? Or leave it intact? 

Regardless of these unanswered questions, the post — which currently has nearly 300,000 likes — has elicited quite the celebratory response from Facebook users.

"There still are good people left in this world!" wrote one excited commenter.

"It takes someone who's breastfed to know how much that means!" added another. "My mum would always be cutting up my food!"

If you ask us, that elderly woman deserves a free breakfast on the house during her next visit!