This Is One Tweet Everyone Struggling to Pay For College Needs to See

It's no secret that getting a college education in the U.S. is super expensive, and it's no secret that those who attend elite, yet costly schools brag about it forever.  

But for those of us sensible enough to save money and attend community college? The struggle, and stigma, is very real. 

As Twitter user Diatonic Dissonance so aptly says: hater's gonna hate. Joke's on them.

He's right. Just look at the numbers.

According to the College Board, average tuition for a year at a private college is $31,231. That price is considerably lower for students who attend public colleges. 

At a public two-year college, the average yearly cost for "in-district" students is $3,347; at four-year public colleges, it's $9,139 for in-state students and $22,958 for out-of-state students.

#EducationShaming is no joke. 

The perceptions that community college can't offer a "real" education are false, Marc Fellenz, a professor at Suffolk County Community College on Long Island, New York, told Mic in October.

"Many think that community college is not 'real' college, that for many of our students it's simply a continuation of the high school experience," Fellenz said. 

"The fact is, most community college classes are as rigorous as comparable courses at four-year colleges."