Fashion Blogger Nails What It's Like Learning to Love Yourself When You're Different

French fashion blogger Freddie Harrel is a confidence consultant.

Although she boasts 86.3K followers on Instagram, she had to fight through severe insecurity to become who she is today. 

In a video interview with StyleLikeU published on May 21, Harrel opened up about being one of the only black people at her private school in France growing up. It wasn't until the past few years that she finally embraced her complete identity.

Here's her story:

Growing up, Harrel said she always felt like she needed to prove she was French because she didn't look it:

The kids at school made ignorant comments about her race:

It took a real toll on her self-esteem:

But then she realized:

Coincidence that light shining through the window reflected a rainbow on her hair during this moment?

I think not.

Watch the full interview below: