The 'Surgeon Simulator' Game Just Got an Anti-Trump Twist

Donald Trump has died 17,735 times at the computer-simulated hands of gamers trying to make surgery great again. 


"Surgeon Simulator," a video game created in 2013, lets you perform surgical operations from a first-person point of view. In a new edition of the game, Donald Trump is your patient. 

In the "Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump" edition, you can give him a gold heart (for a hero) or a stone heart (for a villain). To date, 60% have opted to transplant him with the latter. 

There are also new surgical items available in this edition, like a handheld Trump Tower to loosen his organs or a Trump Steak to "gently caress him with," says the Surgeon Simulator website


According to the website, nearly $16 million has been spent on the game so far. That's about 16,000 of the most expensive Trump Steaks.

This isn't the first (or probably last) video game to wreak havoc on Trump. You can also hurl dildos at Trump's face or try to pry his tax returns from his sausage fingers.