Why This Man's on a Mission to Eat Chipotle for 366 Days in a Row


Is the secret to getting totally shredded eating Chipotle every day? That's what one man from Bellevue, Washington, is hoping to prove by consuming food from the Mexican food-inspired chain for 366 days straight, Q13 Fox reported

Things are going pretty well for Devin Cunningham, who has successfully eaten food from the chain for 314 days in a row as of Wednesday. Cunningham is down from 172 pounds to 146 pounds. 

The motivation behind his burrito bowl mission wasn't fueled not only by a peculiar love for Chipotle, but for fitness reasons, too. "I want to show people that they can be fit while still enjoying the food they love," Cunningham wrote in a Facebook post. "Also, many people said I was going to get fat and sick, so I wanted to prove them wrong," he added. 

He achieved the weight loss — and earned his six-pack — through monitoring his portion sizes at Chipotle and working out regularly. Cunningham revealed on Facebook that to drop the weight, he is sticking to steak and chicken burrito bowls loaded with rice, vegetables and sometimes cheese. So much for variety being the spice of life.

One secret to this diet plan? Cunningham has Chipotle separately package the different components of his meal so that he can measure and track his portions at home. Not exactly fast food.

The devout bean lover said his biggest challenge during this Chipotle journey has been dealing with Chipotle's E. coli outbreak. The epidemic first started in November 2015 and the chain was forced to temporarily shutter 43 locations in the Pacific Northwest, including locations near the burrito bowl enthusiast himself. Naturally, Cunningham drove to stores in Canada to stock up on meals to ration. (Reminder: Cunningham lives in Washington.) Can someone get this man a loyalty card?!

The Centers for Disease Control declared the chain was safe to eat at again in February, so if you're interested in trying this diet for yourself, the world is yours.